Lunch List

IMG_8435 2017 Lunch List


Work or live close to Plaza Tennis Center?

Wanna get a workout around lunch time, during the noon hour, or early afternoon?

Sign up for our “Lunch List”. This is a list of players who are available to play during the lunch time or early afternoon hours (generally defined as Noon to 3 p.m.)

We will share your name, phone and email address with other Lunch List Players.

Lunch List folks will receive 25% off court time between 12 noon and 3 p.m. weekdays.

Get a nice game of singles in over the lunch time, utilize our locker rooms, and then head back to work or off to your afternoon appointments.

Or schedule a lesson or hitting session with one of our pros.

After August 16th, the PTC is open at 12 noon weekdays.

To register: email Scott Hanover, Director of Tennis ( or call the front desk.


Name: ___________________________________________________________

Male/Female ______

Level of Play _______ Self-Rating or Tencap/USTA _________

Cell Phone ________________________________________________________

Email ____________________________________________________________

Days Generally Available (Circle all that apply):  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri