Private Lessons


One of the best ways to improve your game is to take a private lesson. A private lesson is personally tailored to you, whether you’re wanting to focus on technique, strategy (singles and/or doubles), the tennis mindset, footwork, or even a combination of all of the above. Maybe you just want to get a personalized, on-court workout. A private lesson is totally catered to your tennis goals.

If you desire to take a lesson with a friend or family member (or two), we also offer semi-private tennis lessons. These can be geared toward something as simple as creating a more fun atmosphere for you and your lesson partner, to using each others’ on court presence to create toughness-building situations. Maybe you simply want someone to share some of the lesson costs with–it’s up to you!

We offer private and semi-private lessons for kids and adults of all ages. See pricing below. IMG_8554

Private Lessons

$60 + tax per hour our Tennis Professionals

Semi Private Lessons

Take the teach pro’s normal hourly rate, and add $10/per extra person, per hour
(semi-private are for up to 3 people max).

30-minute and 1-hour (or more) lessons are available for both juniors and adults of all ages and levels!

Our experienced, knowledgeable teaching staff will help you improve your game with personalized focus on:

  • Technique
  • Strategy
  • Footwork
  • Goal-oriented mindset

Private lessons are a great way to augment your group clinics, league play, or accommodate a busy schedule.

Come in or call 816-784-5100 to sign up.

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